Beginner rides are back!

The Tuesday night beginner rides are back!

Thanks to daylight savings we will have some more daylight hours and that means beginner rides will be back on Tuesday nights.

We’ll be running a Tuesday night ride starting from the South side for all riders. We’ve also brought back the beginners North Side ride!

The Rides:
Standard: Starting on the South side near Queens Gardens as usual from 6:30 until about 9. Expect a friendly 20km. Lights essential. We may split into 2 groups for intermediate and beginner riders.

Beginner: The beginners ride runs from the water tank on Goldsworthy Lane, off Memorial Drive, Plenty.
Starting from the tank small loops will run returning to the tank before the next to allow riders of all fitness to choose their ride length. The trails are accessible to riders of all abilities and a competent senior club member will run the ride at a pace to ensure nobody is left behind. Lights will be essential for the first few weeks until the daylight lasts a bit longer.

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2 thoughts on “Beginner rides are back!

    1. plentygorgemtb Post author

      Hi Ron
      All the membership info is on the Membership page on the site. We recommend making the most of the free MTBA trial beforesigning up to become a financial club member.


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