Located on the end of the ring road Plenty Gorge is easy to get to.


Located at the end of the Ring Road in Plenty. Click to open in Google Maps

park access

Parking locations shown here. Access from Greensborough Station along the cycle path highlighted in red

There are a few places to park to gain access to the trails. Best trail access is located on the corner of Goldsworthy Lane at the large water tank, otherwise the car park in Yellow Gum Park provides good facilities such as toilets, BBQs and picnic shelters. Access from Plenty Road is limited and we recommend the extra 5 minutes to head to the other side of the park.

For public transport the club recommends access from Greensborough Train Station along the Plenty River Cycle Path, highlighted in red above.

Trail Map

PGMTB hasn’t yet been able to map the trails as they have not been surveyed by Parks VIC. For an open source map we find TrailForks to be the most detailed: https://www.trailforks.com/region/plenty-gorge/


2 thoughts on “Location

  1. Jarrod Green

    Just wondering whether its you guys or some locals who manage the enduro style trails on the Greensborough side of the gorge. I ride here all the time and would love to help them expand the network and maintain the jumps etc.
    Cheers and happy riding.
    Jarrod Green.


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