Statement from Parks

Last week Parks Vic removed a short section of trail from the southern tip of Plenty Gorge. Read on for their full statement:

Unauthorised Trails at Plenty Gorge Park

We’re aware that there’s been an ¡ncrease in the creation of unauthorised
trails at the Plenty Gorge Park over recent times. Our staff regularly patrol
these areas on foot and on two wheels and we’ve been doing our best to
protect the trails for all users.

We’re working closely wíth Plenty Gorge MTB to assess the cross country tra¡l
network so that there are susta¡nable and enjoyable trails for the future.
Recently, as a gesture of goodwill, we worked with Plenty Gorge MTB to do
some repa¡rs on unauthorised trails on what locals call the jump track to make
them safer and more sustainable. This was on the understanding that no
further trails be built without our permission.

So, last week when we discovered further unauthorised jumps near the
Melbourne Water pipeline in the southern section of the park we removed
them without question. We make no apologies for this; these jumps were high
risk and had the potential to cause significant erosion along the tracks leading
into them due to some steep sections.

We ask that riders continue to support us by staying on the authorised trails
and work with us so we can focus our energies on improving the trail network.
Trails created today in the wrong place will only erode and be unusable down
the track, which doesn’t benefit anybody; we want the trails, and the bush that
makes riding here so magic to remain intact, rather than becoming degraded.
Thanks for your co-operation.

Faye Williams, Area Chief Ranger, Middle Yarra / Plenty

To view the original follow the link: 2015_05_08 Unauth Trails Notice on FB page.pdf


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