AGM Minutes, Committee Changes, New Jerseys and New Events!

AGM Minutes

We recently held our AGM for 2018 in September. We’ve posted our full minutes in our Archive. You can find them here:

AGM 2018 Minutes


Highlights Include:

  • Q & A with the Park Rangers
  • Guest speaker Sacha Nackovski
  • General minutes of the club’s activity for year 2017/18
  • Election of the committee
  • Financial Report for Year 2017/18

New Committee Member

Although the committee was uncontested at the AGM Adrian expressed a desire to leave his position. The committee was contacted after the event by Jamie Sharp who was voted in by the committee without opposition. We like to thank Adrian for his time on the committee, and his help over the past 2 years with the club, and wish him the best in the future.
Welcome Jamie, we hope you enjoy your time with us!

New Jerseys

Our new run of jerseys have arrived, we have a full run of sizes from Small to XXL (Yes, it’s an Australian XXL). If you are interested in purchasing one to show your support of the club let us know and we will get it delivered to you. We should have stock available for trying sizes and collection at the upcoming Sunday Spin and Working bee.

Upcoming Events

Not only will we be hosting our Sunday Spin on Sunday the 21st of October, but we’re also hosting a working be the following week on Sunday the 28th of October. If you’re interested in coming along you can find more information on Facebook here: Working Bee – October – DH Towards the River



2 thoughts on “AGM Minutes, Committee Changes, New Jerseys and New Events!

  1. Petrus Barry

    Hi We are in Diamond Creek and have some friends visiting us in December and the two boys 14 and 15 yr old are keen mountain bikers. Would they be able to visit your facility as guests and rent bikes ? Thanks

    1. plentygorgemtb Post author

      Hi Petrus,

      The boys are definitely welcome to visit the trails. As the trails have not yet been formalised there is no signage yet, and we do not offer rental or demo bikes. We are not aware of any local bike shops that do either.



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