Pick My Project

WE NEED YOU to PICK OUR PROJECT and VOTE FOR US to formalise the MTB trail network in Plenty Gorge Park (Yellow Gum area)!

Do you enjoy the trails at Plenty Gorge Park? Well did you know that the singletrack you may have been riding are all informal? Do you want to change this? Now is your chance…

The Plenty Gorge MTB club has been working with Parks Victoria (landholder) to change this over the past few years and we are now at the stage have an APPROVED but UNFUNDED project to formalise some of the trail network in the Yellow Gum area. Refer to the Plenty Gorge Park Master Plan. Thank you for all those that provided their feedback to the master plan.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Read on for how you can continue to help turn this into a reality.

The PGMTB club submitted a funding application to the Victoria government initiative called Pick My Project in order to fund this project.

We are excited and please to announce that our application was successfully approved to the “voting” stage of the process!

So it’s now all up to you – the ball is in YOUR HANDS. As the community of the Metropolitan Melbourne region, you get to have your vote as to which project gets funded.

If you are a Victorian resident and 16 years old & over, all you need to do is:
1. Sign up at Pick My Project using with your real mobile number as it will be verified: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/

2. Set “Plenty VIC, Australia” as your own local community and look for the project called “Plenty Gorge Park mountain bike trail program” *. If you don’t see our project, you’ll have to re-select your local community to be closer to Plenty VIC 3090. Direct link: https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/…/plenty-gorge-park-mounta…

3. Add our project to your SHORTLIST (along with 2 other projects) and then you can VOTE. This will help make the Yellow Gum area at Plenty Gorge Park the best place to ride MTB in Melbourne! 🙂


From all the committee and members of the Plenty Gorge MTB Club, we say THANK YOU!

* Important: If you cannot add our project due to being “Outside your area”, it is because your selected local community is located too far away from Yellow Gum (Plenty, 3090). You will need to re-select your local community to somewhere closer to Plenty VIC 3090.


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