Out to Smith’s Gully

The Plenty Gorge MTB club will be guiding a social ride through the Smiths Gully area on Sunday 28th May.

Depending on the group, we’ll ride 20-30+km. Good fitness is required out here. The climbs are longer and tighter compared to Plenty Gorge, but there’s good decending too. Expect hills.

Unlike our social rides at Plenty Gorge Park, we’ll be riding together as a single group. No drop, all welcome!

Please bring enough water for yourself based on the weather conditions and ride details below. We recommend 2 litres.

Please be self-sufficient, bring tools, phone, tubes, first aid, sunscreen, food/gels and any other personal requirements (e.g. medication) for yourself and ensure your MTB is in good working order.

Time: Meet at 8:45am for a 9:00am start.
Location: Smiths Gully General Store
Total distance: ~20-30+km
Elevation gain: ~500-900vm
Elapsed time: Depends on group pace and resting time. Expect up to 3.5 hours.
Ratings: We would rate this as an ‘intermediate’ ride. Good fitness and expect longish climbing


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