Notice of AGM

All members are invited to attend, nominate for committee positions or just have your say on the future direction of the club and riding in the gorge.

We have included a proxy nomination form via email, so if you are unable to attend and you wish to, you may nominate another member to cast a vote on your behalf. This may be for both committee positions and general resolutions if any are raised.

The Business of the AGM will include:
– Confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting;
– To receive reports as to the general activities of the Club;
– To receive the Report and Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2016;
– Election of the Committee;
General Business

Please let us know by 19/8/16 if you have any other agenda items you believe need to be raised.
If you know a club member who has not received an email please let us know so we can adjust our records.

The Bar will also be open for refreshments.

Happy Riding
Guy Stephens
PGMTB club Secretary

See here for the Facebook event:


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