Good Friday Good Karma Dig

Good day today, I don’t think my wheelbarrow has ever had such a workout! A good turnout too (11 of us) on such short notice.

The jumps should be running a lot nicer now. Not only did we remove rotten and pointy sticks but we lengthened a couple and filled in some dangerous holes. After moving about 3 tonne of dirt i think everyone is happy with how the day went.

Please be aware the riding surface will be loose for the next couple of weeks as the dirt gets a bit of rain and settles in. All jumps are roll able but please remember to look before you leap.

Big thanks to the Parks Officers working today who helped with the inductions to allow us to do our work, Park Ranger Ion who helped organise the soil and most importantly all the volunteers who came down and lent their time to help us out.


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