Jersey Orders

If you’re on this website you will undoubtedly know of or ridden at plenty gorge. You will also be aware of the efforts of a few of us are putting in, working with Parks Victoria to establish a recognised trail network.

Many of you are putting your hand up by Joining PGMTB club this gives you all a say in the future of the park.

We are just about to place the first orders for our trailblazer jersey. This is the one and only time these will be available for sale, and only to PGMTB club members.

Hopefully all of you who are members of PGMTB will have received an email detailing how to order.

If you believe you are a member and have not received ordering information please email

If you want a jersey, you will need to first join PGMTB through the MTBA if you are already a member of another MTBA affiliated club contact us directly to join

Time is running out jersey orders close 15/2/15


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