Meeting Minutes from 15/09/2014

We had another committee meeting on the 15th of September. We discussed a few topics including:

  • News regarding the MTBA and IMBA merger and how it will affect us.
  • The recent acquisition of land by Parks VIC near the yellow gum picnic area.
  • A treasurers report including member numbers and refunds due to a pricing error.
  • Progress on the trails, both about assessment and regarding a possible IMBA tail building workshop.
  • The upcoming Jersey run, due mid-November.
  • Committee responsibilities, particularly regarding emails.
  • Promotion of the club, especially in the local bike shops and our web-presence.
  • The appearance of new trails on the Southern edge of the park, next to the houses on Booyan Cres and an official statement on our position regarding these trails.
  • Car access to the park and upcoming club rides.
  • Our next meeting date, looking to be an open meeting once we have more substantial news regarding the trails and jerseys.

For the full minutes read here:….



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